About HOLLY Studio

“I have loved these things all of my life... 

The countryside. Horses. Great open spaces. Seasons. Endless skies. Romance. Grit. Connection. Rebellious Spirit. Sophistication. Gardening. The moon. Timeless design. Foggy mornings. Dogs. Rivers. And fast sunset drives down old country roads. 

HOLLY is inspired by my family's horse ranch, everything that makes my heart skip a beat and a world I've conjured up along the way.

Meet me on The Ranch.”

-Holly Jovenall

HOLLY is a luxury lifestyle brand representing a complex language that contrasts distinctive memories of travels, dreams and all the places we call home, married with a deep and personal connection with time well spent in the countryside. A strong and unique voice, paired with thoughtful and detailed design to inspire a timeless aesthetic and authentic life.

All good things, coming soon.